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06-09-2011, 10:57 AM
Originally Posted by Marctraider View Post
Ok, forget the over-125-superpowerbuffer to >150 because its simply gone. Use any point above 125 and your wasting skills consoles and EptW's.

Read meh post:

I think I wont have to say more.

For the fun I've put 7 single beam arrays on my escort, putting on FAW3 and whoop, my dmg stats just doubled

Im not complaining or anything, it was just a test run.
But for the power drain... what else can i say?
Just you know im laughing at anyone who still putting his power at 125(Theoretical value of 150> with all the Consoles and EptW1 + 2. Because it will get you no further then a very unoptimized build. (No offense, just trying to be clear.)

And well, if you still have the 'feeling' your power drop decreased, amen to that.
Your tests are interesting, makes me wonder if cannons and beam overload are playing by different rules then those i have found for beam arrays. with that escort, youíre not operating at nearly the weapons power my cruisers run at, still your drops are a bit low from what Iím used to. An escort doesnít really have the luxury of keeping weapons energy buffed anyway; they are better off relying on magical damage boosting skills.

Regardless of what your tests have found, my cruiser with its ~180 weapons power can use 8 beam arrays with FAW and not have its weapons energy drop below 100. Using eps power transfer (+32 more power) gets me well above 200 weapons power and the power display doesnít drop from 100/125 with all guns blazing.

My build IS optimized, for maximum damage. It still has plenty of survivability because i only have to use my 2 LTCOM engineering stations to keep my power sky high with EPtW III, so thereís plenty of slots left for 2 EPtS I to chain together, an RSP, AuxToStruc, ET and DEM or Warp Plasma. A TT, ST and TSS further help to keep my shields unbreachable. I laugh as i shoot down up to 2 escorts or BOPs at once.

Iíll do some testing later to see if the drains of cannons and turrets gives me vastly different results then the beams arrays give me, and see if beam overload drops me below 100 power no matter what like it did for you. You may not be speced for EPtW very well, EPtW III should give +40, EPtW II should give +32 power, EPtW I should give +24. There might be some other suboptimized factor reducing effectiveness too, who knows. Maybe the 125-150 power range doesnít like to work like it does when you run 160+. All I know is that what im doing works like a charm.