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# 1 Should i use a Crusier?
06-09-2011, 10:58 AM
Hi This is my first post so any constructiv critsim will be helpful

I am a LT 3 and i like the T2 Crusier and the other crusiers but i'm not rly sure if i should use that or the escort and i like those to. I'm a Tactical officer with:

Klingon Engineer: Engineering Team 1 2 points
Vulcan Science: Hazzard Emitters 1 2 points
(Don't have a Tactical yet though hoping to get Beam Overload)

i've played the demo on steam for 123 hours doing various reseach on many charcters to find the best char set.

My Stats are:
Starship command:9
Starship Engineering (i think) it's the one with increased power for ships that's:7
Assault combat?? (the one that increases ground combat damage) that's 1

i play as the guy who has lots of weapons and go sorta all out warfare. I think that sorta makes a crusier captain but i thought i'd ask the public. Feel free to correct me on anything