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06-09-2011, 11:58 AM
'All-out warfare'? That depends on what you mean by that: the cruisers are more for tanking (taking most of the heavy damage) and sustaining damage against the enemy in the meanwhile. escorts are much more fragile, but they deal more damage in alpha strikes (you come in fast, fire EVERYTHING, then get away and minimize your damage)

As for your skills, Engineering Team is a good hull heal for either one. Hazard Emitters is a good skill later in the game, when you have many enemies using debuffs on you, but for now, they are few and far between (and even then, they aren't too serious). If you're going for a cruiser, Beam Overload is the way to go (but if it's an escort, find the cannon weapons and abilitiles, as they work better with the escorts turn rate)

Starship Command is good for any ship, as it slightly increases their stats. The skill that increases starship power, that's Warp Core Training, which is also good. Assault Training does increase ground damage, but only on certain things (it lists ground grenades, rifles and assault weapons, as well as ranged combat abilities), so be careful what you have equipped

hope this all helps