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06-09-2011, 10:58 AM
Originally Posted by NCC-1543
Thanks for that

Using the info you've given me, i think i will go crusier, massive, lots of weapon slots, heavy shields (i want to use covaient and i know about the lifetime taking of the regen). i like beam overload as i push all power to weapons, wait to 100. Me + Beam Overload + dual phaser banks = lot's of damage

Engineering team i found useful and has saved me a few times and mainly when i take on big ships.
Hazzard Emitters i found good as a top up on hull health. And on the Stranded in space mission to heal the SS. Azua.

I'm going to get the borg bridge officer so if anyone has had it or use one i would be intrested to find out more before i buy the C-Store coins.

Also does having the following ship weapon set up work in the later game assuming i just carry on with adding more??? I find this a decent set-up but i would go with a few photons

Dual Phaser Beam Array M2
Dual Phaser Beam Array M2

Phaser Beam Array M2

(The boring bits)

Shield Array standard
Impulse Engines standard
Deflector dish standard

Will post my away team stats and stuff when i get a chance
If you wanna use Covariant Shields then I suggest you invest some points in obtaining EP2S for some instant shield heals. Sci Team also heals shields in a pinch though its true usefulness extends to cleaning off debuffs as well. And lets not forget RSF or RSP to increase your shield regen rate (the latter being the most useful if you've got more than two weak arcs).

In terms of the topic for using cruisers you need to prepare for their low turn rates and generally slower speed. You can temporarily buff this up with Evasive Maneuvers and A2ID (if I'm not mistaken) though the latter doesn't give as much of a turn rate boost.

As far as what cruisers to take, that's your call. The cruiser line has very few alternate options until you reach the endgame content and then its a matter of which cruiser fits your play style and skill set.

BTW Single Beam Arrays will give you more coverage than Dual Beams, the tradeoff is a lower damage output. The plus side is nearly nothing can get in your blind spots. Its a bland/boring weapon choice to use "Single Beam Arrays" but its effective.