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06-09-2011, 10:58 AM
when i get promoted to LT Commander i'l start to look into the skills that you have mentioned. With the single phaser array's i found even though the arc was decent the damage wasn't so i changed to the dual beams, as you would expect the damge shot up and the mobs shields just didn't have a hope in hell. i just made sure that i turned just before they did so i could carry on eating the shields.

I havn't tried the covaniant yet but the regen, resilant was terrible. The regen didn';t take the damage but the regen side of it........ made no difrence to the standard. The resiliant still useless (watch STOked Master Your Shields on youtube) i did these tests before i watched that vid but the resliant was quite like this:

mob damage (eg. 200 a poke in comparrsion to other damage points that have been given to me) + resliant shields = no shields (or in short getting killed)

Ground skills for my away team are:
Engineering: quick fix 1 1 point
Science: Medical tricorder????? (not sure it removes debuffs and heals around 60 hp

i'm also unsure about what energy weapon types i'm going to use but not going to use turrets i thought about one of every type of (one for a better word Element) such as anit-proton, phaser,disrupter etc

if anyone's got any sort of info on the borg bridge officer that would be helpful if you could post it or give me a link to a post about it