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06-09-2011, 10:58 AM
You need to remember that torpedos of the same type share a global cooldown. Meaning if you fire one, all the others of the same type on that arc will go into cooldown as well. So maybe you should think about using one torpedo per arc. You can still use High Yield and Salvo skills to spread the pain around.

The Paratrinic is a Covariant spin-off which is level-less but only obtainable at Mk IV. As you re-aquire it at higher ranks the shield strength supposedly increases. But I personally don't use it, I let it collect dust in my bank.

Engines: The best one depends on your overall plans. If you want some maneuverability you can use Argis Engines becuase they give you a +10 to the Combat Maneuvers skill and everything that uses said skill will benefit. Otherwise you can keep to your Borg set. On the road to Admiral however, you can use Efficient Impulse Engines (Lt.Commander only) for their useful +3.8 Weap/Shield/Aux settings (with an efficiency power boost to any of those three running at 75 or lower). Beyond that you should pick either Combat engines (useful 50 or lower engine power) or Hyper (useful at 75 engines or higher) Impulse Engines. After that you want to decide what you feel is more important, raw speed or a better turning rate. Impulse engines can be bought or obtained from missions with those two modifiers.

Otherwise get the Borg Engine so you can cross Sector Space in a jiffy (Warp 14) and change it out prior to entering combat. Or keep it, its your choice.

Deflector: If you want the Borg Set, use the Borg Deflector.

Personally I tend to go around PvE shooting nothing but plasma beam arrays/dual cannons like a "son of a female dog". Even though I don't have ANY points in the "plasma energy weapons" skill, I still do enough damage to hurt at max weapon power and I like it when they proc my target(s) with the plasma fire DoT. BURN BABY BURN! *cough*

However its not for everyone and you have to equip your consoles appropriately (I use Plasma Infusers as a result of my weapon choice).

Since you are considering sticking to Phasers and Photon Torpedos, there are two consoles that would would be the most useful to you. But for it to be effective and efficient for skill points you really need to equip weapons of the same energy type. Want phasers? Use nothing for energy weapons except phasers. Swapping out skills is not cheap so think about the long term skill build.

Phasers: Phaser Relay
Photon Torpedos: Photon Detonation Assembly

If you wanna use more than one type of phaser, you can do something like this when you are finally allowed to use T5 ships (You can't use the Excelsior Retrofit until Vice Admiral but you can use this weapon setup as early as Rear Admiral Lower Half):

Forward - 2xPhaser Array, 1xPhaser Dual Beam Bank, 1x Photon Torpedo
Aft - 3xPhaser Array, 1x Photon Torpedo

Dual Beam Banks don't work on aft slots, they are forward-only weapons. As a result your rear arc won't have as much punch as your forward arc and you should keep an eye on it.

Skills I won't discuss and instead leave that floor open to everyone else so they can help you with that. I have my picks even if they aren't perfect, based on reading suggestions. So too should you build yours based on suggestions of other players.

At this point I've pretty much did all I can. the STO Wiki is your best research tool next to player experience so I'll leave you to look around and make choices yourself.