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06-09-2011, 10:58 AM
I will say this I leveled my engineer on crusiers as a beam ship, now using a 7 phaser single beam, 1 quantom torpedo setup, in the dreadnought, it's okay but your bulky and slow as heck especially around lieut com.

Its easy, moderatly boring, and works. What pwns is dual heavy phasers for all fore slots, turrets only in rear. With tac skills in tac, cannon speed 1 and 2, other one with tac, and cannon 1, engineer emergency power to shield, reverse shield polarity, sci with sci team 1, hazard emitters 2.

I literally eat anything in front of me! Battleship 4 birds of prey and a escort? Lol BoP's take one triple cannnon volley each, escort 2 shots, the bship might survive 3 shots.. And as long as your moving full speed... They can't really hit you much at all, and when they nail u...reverse shields for full heal... Its just extremly hard getting used to 45 degree fire. But once you get used to playing zoomed in to the rear of your ship looking over it to aim... Its a blast, hell its just as fun on my sci officer