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06-09-2011, 10:58 AM
Thanks for that as you've given me another option to outfit my ships but i don't agree on the turrets as they have crappy damage yeah 360 arc but at the cost of doing.......what say 50 DPS every firing cycle where as a single phaser array can do for argument's sake 500 DPS every firing cycle but only with 270 arc (wich i'd put to aft). i know that every one has their own playing style, yours sounds like aim shoot kill with a constant amount of damage on the shields to keep them down. i'd rather do massive damage and wait say a 2 colldown and then deal that same damage again....repeat until mob is eating his own warp core.

Here i do agree with you as you've stated:

dual heavy phasers for all fore slots

yeah sounds good but argument's sake the mob has reverse shields then'l just be healing them instead. i know that pve mobs probs won't have that but i'm just saying that i'd like to have a few photons with me at all times and i think i mentioned in my last post that i like to have the photons cos when say aft shields are down *FIRE THE PHOTONS* i tend to move at full speed anyways but sometimes i drop to 1/4 just so i can get another firing round out before they pass.


beam overload is a good option here
reverse shield polarity also i agree with here
emergency power to shield = this applies to me in ay game i play
hazard emitters = i have version 1 this is good if u need a top up and your not getting much damage
engineering team = i have this version 1 and i like it

im going to assume that you'vee read the other posts to i think that skills i posted their would be a good choice for my playing style which so happens to be the aggro tank guy or as i posted i think in my first was all out warefare which now after reading all these hints, tips and comments is not close tom how i play.