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06-09-2011, 10:58 AM
Your half right, I've run dual beam front like you mentioned, your aft phasers will fire about 10% of the time when your front is shooting if your rear end is up and sideways of the target.

As single beams your aft will hit about 75% of the time on average if your good between the time your forward beams hit, and you angle to meet them... But that's engaging them at 9.9km and turning sideways, and energy weapons do less damage at a distance than up close, I'd guess about 2/3 the damage at 7k+.

It works fine just not optimial. If your going to stay beam look at your targeting options too... Mines setup to fire on anything it can even if its not targeted, as long as its attacked me, so my aft will sometimes pickoff that annoying fighter.

Last note turrets do about 20 dps less than A beam, and hit 100% of the time, AND cannon fire speed buffs... Boost turrets, so its basically like I'm beam overloading with my cannons and turrets. You should try it if you have the spare $.