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06-09-2011, 11:58 AM
hello! I know that this discussion has been made lots of times before, but I'm again at that point, in which I don't know how to equip my ship anymore.
first let me talk about skills of my captain, I have all engineering skills at 9 level apart of starship weapon performance (VA rank). then I have all starship cruiser captain skills at 9 with eng team leader at 9, attack vectors at 4, combat manouvers and battle strategy at 9.
I'm running a star cruiser so I choosed star cruiser skill obviously.
on starship operations I raised at level 7 starship deflectors, emitters, deflector field and hazard emitters and I raised at 9 tetryon beam weapons with no points on torpedo skills chart.
well let's now discuss about equipment, first, all my equipment is MK XI RARE (blue) and my weapons are crafted on memory alpha so they are MK XI very rare (Purple). So take all this in mind so I'll don't specify the item rank every time I talk of it.
I put 8 single beam weapons and I'm using aegis set, that I found much better then breen set, but let me tell that all of this is just temporal solution in prevision to gain the borg set.
let's pass to consolles that's the real thing that is making me going crazy.
I tried to put 4 neutronium consolles and 2 neutronium with 2 monotanium, I tried to have an eps consolle with 3 neutronium or with one consolle field generator with 2 shield emitters, or an eps with 3 shield emitters, putting the shield power setting to 125 with the auxiliary at 50 (or a bit more), I tried to put 2 shield emitters with a monotanium\neutronium and an eps consolle, and I tried to use 4 neutronium or 4 monotanium using the set breen that substitute in part the eps console boost, so I tried allmost all possible options, but still! I have problems in tanking, especially in pvp, when I'm attacked by more then one ship I die faster then an escort ship. I have problems with boosting my shield...that's why I decided to use more armors to boost my ship resistance, but it seems it isn't a good idea, I think is best to tank using the shield, but I wonder how...