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06-09-2011, 11:58 AM
Run 2 copies of Emergency Power to shields 3, Aux to Sif 3 (if you can find it).

The EptS3 provide a shield power boost, regen and most important in this case, 30% damage reduction to your shields. Done right, you can have this power running the entire match.

The AuxtoSif3 provide additional resistances, as well as a hull heal, dependant on your Aux power. Possible run a Polarize hull to again get resistances.

Im typically running 74 or 77 out of 50 at all times on my shield power, so when I pop the Emergency Power to Shields, I get a +40 to my shield power. I can do this in either an assault cruiser, star cruiser or a galaxy refit.

As far as consoles go, can use 2 of the shield emiiters +7, maybe 2 Plasma Manifolds +7 to weapons as well.