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06-09-2011, 10:58 AM
I tank quite well with running 3 of the weapons consoles and the EPS console. If it takes 4-5 people to overwhelm me in pvp, then I am doing my job

The biggest point is that those types of consoles give you extra power to their particular system, allowing you to adjust your initial power settings as needed, in order to get the maximum effect of your emergency powers.

If you are able to load up your shield powers so that you are running at 85 with consoles and power settings, then when you hit EPtS3, giving you the 30% damage reduction to sheilds, plus the +38-40 to shield power, means you are at 125, Being able to keep those powers up for the match is key to shield tanking.

The armors resistances affect what gets to the hull..which is fine. I personally find the ability to keep my weapons power up as high as possible better in order to throw more than a spitball at the opposing side and force them to attack me, allowing m to tank for my team.. but I am getting off topic. Oops!
Combine shield tanking part of the EptS3 along with the ability of the Aegis set to start stacking resitances on your shields, you should be getting to be tougher nut to crack.