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06-09-2011, 10:59 AM
This idea bummed me out with my tac bc I won't fly the excelsior. But I just put my sci captain in the assault
with ....

4 disruptor single cannons
3 disruptor turrets
1 peng (quantum usually, or a chroniton w/spead 1)

CRF1, tac team 1 twice (or the spread)
DEM3, and a mix of the usual rest engie powers

trac beam and sci team2

It's quite interesting what happens with dem3, crf1, and sensor scan up within
3 clicks of the target. I was having trouble keeping prey in close so I'm messing
with the trac beam. Bleeding hull is fun, especially with everyone focusing on shields

Still something missing tho, I tried plasma with this idea, stacking with eject warp plasma
to stack that proc, but disruptors are proving much more deadly.

I attempted a nebula version too. Slotting a tac captain in the uni slot to run crf1 and
attack pattern beta1. Kinda meh.

Either way as a sci cap my survivability in close has been great with dampening field and
sci fleet. 2 copies of eptw have yeilded the best results, and running just 1 copy of eps3.

I got some good ideas to try from the thread when I get home from vaca guys. Thanks!

Have fun, kill bad guys.
See you on the battlefield.

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