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06-09-2011, 11:00 AM
Well... there are a few problems with this idea.

First off, the third nacelle is part of the refit of the ship. Having it removed with a piece of hardware would be like ripping off your leg to take off a shoe. This presents the problem, also, of not being able to equip full sets onto the Galaxy X while still keeping it the familiar Galaxy X. The Aegis wouldn't be able to have its Reactive Shielding, the Borg wouldn't get their Tractor Beam, and the Breen wouldn't get their Energy Dampeners.

Second, if you remember, the Pasteur did Warp 13, and I didn't see any third nacelle on that ship. Heck, that was Olympic-class! That's a Commander-level Science Ship! Nothing special about warp 13. Plus, the Borg engine allows warp 14, so that point is kind of moot.

Third, why only 2 Turn mods? Why not 3? I find it odd, actually... you decide to try and invent an auto-scaling version of the engine I already HAVE on my Galaxy X. It makes no sense.