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06-09-2011, 12:00 PM
Originally Posted by Lord-Ice
Third, why only 2 Turn mods? Why not 3? I find it odd, actually... you decide to try and invent an auto-scaling version of the engine I already HAVE on my Galaxy X. It makes no sense.
I'd be in favor of the Pasteur also getting Warp 13 engines and the Excelsior Transwarp ability being tied to the engines. I figure the Pasteur Engines would be Efficient Engines [Speed]x2.

The reason for x2 instead of x3 as I'd previously suggested is that special promo items tend to be blue quality and level scaling. I figure [Turn]x3 would come without the Warp 13 ability and be craftable, non-scaling.

To fit [Turn]x3 into the budget of a blue quality scaling item, the engines would probably need a negative stat like -30% hull because blue items are only scaled for two active bonuses.