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06-09-2011, 11:00 AM
Originally Posted by Ebeneezergoode
I think some Starfleet cruisers do need a buff somewhere to gain parity with their KDF counterparts, but I still feel they should be buffed elsewhere, rather than be made the same, as it'd help maintain the seperate play styles/faction identities a little better. And I do genuinely sympathise with the frustration Galaxy-x drivers must feel since 2000 cryptic points isn't a joke, and I'd want it to at least have parity with what it's flown against.

I suppose essentially, I want balance while maintaining the unique way ships function and behave.
believe me, i would love for klingon and federation ships to play vastly differently, and more or less be balanced with their vastly different styles, but the way weapons are in game makes that more or less impossible.

i used to mod the game ST Legacy extensively, and managed to make it look almost exactly like the shows through the different eras, and did so keeping each factions ships playing differently. it actually played very much like STO for the first few tires, just with no abilities or anything. Never did quite finish the last version, STO was to fun.

The last few tires are completely overboard with insane amounts of energy weapons flack, being able to fire 8 beams is stupid, why arenít we firing 1 beam with the power of 8? thatís what they did in the shows, and thatís how i set things up in my modded legacy. Also, cannons are not machine guns, donít care for that rapid fire effect. Things would feel like startrek if it were me balancing things, not generic space strategy thatís startrek inspired