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Originally Posted by 94P
If things were done properly to canon then pretty much everyone would be flying a Sovereign for the most part. She is the power house of the Federation. The major problem with STO, I think, is that it's really more about the BO powers than the ship itself.

Edit: minor wording corrections
not exactly, people greatly overestimate the sovereigns capabilities, and greatly underestimate the galaxy. but that's understandable, the ENT-D was always writen as the underdog of every episode, they thought that was good story telling, regardless of what its capabilities are.

the sovereign is a very large, very advanced heavy cruiser, its the excelsior of its time. it was designed to fill the hole that had opened over the years were a formidable heavy cruiser should be, because the previous designs that filled that role were too old and too outdated to fill that role any longer. the galaxy is a luxury battleship, designed maybe to decadently, but its weapons were by far the most powerful and dangerous in starfleet.

a per canon sovereign should be very maneuverable, like 10 or 11 turn rate. fire 1 fairly heavy beam from its main arrays in a 285 degree arc, fire up to 2 much lighter shots from smaller rear arrays in the aft 75 degree arc, and fire 2 or 3 torpedoes almost contently. in combat it could fairly quickly wear down most any opponent, but it doesn't have the super heavy weapons that a D'derderex, Neg'Var, or Galaxy does.

a galaxy, compared to a sovereign, should fly and turn much slower, turn rate of around 8. it should fire 1 extremely power shot from its main arrays in a 320 degree firing arc, fire up to 2 much lighter shots from smaller rear arrays in the aft 40 degree arc, and every couple of seconds fire 5-8 torpedoes from ether fore or aft. no small ships could withstand very many shots from its main array, and the fact that its a weapon that heavy with a firing arc that large almost isn't fare. its in league with the klingon's Neg'Var under slung super heavy disruptor cannons that shattered DS9's shields and the romulan's D'derderex super heavy disruptor cannon that destroyed DS9 in a decloak alpha strike in that one episode. the galaxies main arrays are in league with them, though it is in 3rd place as far as output goes. but the fact it can leverage its full firepower in almost every direction is why starfleet uses arrays like that and why they are so dangerous.

those 2 ships could be balanced against each other in game, the could probably be made to deal about the same damage over time, just going about it slightly differently. a galaxies superior spike damage could be balanced by the fact that its a sitting duck most of the time and vulnerability to an escorts sneak attack wile a sovereign would be much harder to pin down and catch off guard.

i would start from there and balance everything else with those 2 ships as a starting point, and BO station setups would get a massive overhaul

oh ya this is a Galaxy X thread... well the lance is redundant because the main array is all the fire power the ship needs, and the 3rd Nacelle... not necessary ether.