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06-09-2011, 11:21 AM
Anti Protons are not that great, its not like if you put two good players against each other, the anti proton user would win.Furthermore the skillpoints invested is quite high for weapons which arent even that 'great'.

From the description, it has a 'chance' to add 20+ extra critical severity, well i assume they mean by that it add's another +20 critical severity when you have a crit.

Some misconceptions about Anti Protons, until it has been proven otherwise:

- it gives extra accuracy
- It gives extra +2% critical chance
- It is supposed to bypass shields more often

(This would mean, on top of the existing 3 modifiers at Very Rare weaponary would add 2 extra 'hidden'? modifiers?)

Until both of the three has been proven or stated by developers, I'll stick with my Polarons with Accuracy x2 and x3 (And for the neat color). The -25 all power levels proc isnt that great, but the extra dmg to the Crew (has a chance to...) sounds good enough for me.

And for all crazyness, I think phasers are better then Anti protons because that 5 second subsystem failure could mean 5 seconds extra hull damage (When shields are down) or when their engines are down, their bonus defense drops to -15% at best :p