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06-09-2011, 11:26 AM
I doubt it.

IIRC, crew only helps with hull recovery, and usually only Cruisers have the amount of crew to make a difference. With one crew recovery console, I do a full recrew of my Star cruiser in a speedy way, and can get my hull from 1% back to 100% in about 40 seconds. Of course, if my ship is at 1% I usually do not have those 40 seconds to recover. And 40 seconds is quite a long time in combat. But if I'm not engaged in close range combat, have my ship pointing in the right way and hit Emergency Power to Engines and Evasive manoeuvers, I have a chance of getting out of range and survive my own stupidity.

As for shield and power, those are controled by consoles and power settings. If crew has some kind of impact in their recovery, it should be minimal.