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06-09-2011, 11:26 AM
Originally Posted by xStrykerx
Hey folks.

I've been looking at all of the engineering consoles, and after all this time I'm still not sure what to go with. As a sci ship, should I focus on consoles to boost aux power? I try to shield tank as well, so would boosts to shield power be more effective?

Any help is appreciated.
the 35% shield capacity engineer console is a must on any ship, and then yes an aux console will ensure you are running at 125 aux, while still having high shield power. as far as weapons go be a torpedo boat and use your science powers to crush your targets shields. my klingon science ship uses dual photon launchers and repulsors 3 with targeting of shield systems and shield drains to utterly annihilate all who oppose me. ive crushed dreadnaughts with just the fully buffed repulsors by charging them at high speed with evasive and keeping myself within the 5km range, shoving them 30+km from friends to heal them while dealing massive damage with each pulse all the while pounding them with my dual beam bank (which sat in the low 70s for power setting with shields over 100 and aux maxed at 125) and torpedoes raining down upon it.