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Originally Posted by Darth-Thanatos View Post
I'm a strong advocate of ship upgrade. FROM Tier 1 to top tier, whichever it is.

But I cannot help but wonder how many people that are so content with their Sovvies and Excels will join the ranks of the T6 Connie mob when their precious ships no longer are the top dogs any more.

One of the most repeated arguments against allowing lower tier ships to be upgraded is "a connie cannot and should not win against a sovvie". That is one of the most un-Trek concepts I have stumbled around in here. In almost ALL episodes in ALL Star Trek series, from TOS to ENT, the "starring ship" is the underdog weapons-wise, either outgunned or outnumbered (or both!), and it was the brains of the man/woman sitting in the captain's chair that made the difference.

Of course, in STO, the devs can give you the weapons, but not the brains.
I think it has more to do with the idea of a 150yo ship beating a nearly-new ship. I can see why people -want- their favourite starship to be viable at every level of play, and I can even suppress my inner nerd if Cryptic were to allow such because at the end of the day, it's more important that people are having fun, but from a lore-junky's perspective, a refit can only go so far.

First, the Constitution is old, in TNG era they were used as training ships for cadets, and those were the refit versions. Second, the Soverign is a combat cruiser, while the Constitution was a general purpose exploration cruiser. Finally, why would starfleet spend vast amounts of time and resources stripping a Constitution all the way down to the superstructure and replacing the entire power grid, systems grid, warp core, shields, weapons and hull plating, only to leave it looking exacly the same as it was in Kirk's day? The Excalibur class is, essentially, the 25th century Constitution-refit. The same goes for the Miranda really; the class was close to being mothballed when the Dominion War started up, so they were given quick and dirty combat upgrades and hurled into the teeth of a superior enemy to keep Starfleet's numbers up.

If I'm honest, I would rather they had stuck with 25th-century takes on classic hull profiles in the normal game, made a much longer series of time-travel missions in which players could use 23rd-century ships and uniforms, and then put the 23rd-century resources into the Foundry for players to expand upon. As it stands, if I were a Temporal Investigations officer at Starfleet Command, I'd be driven mad by the vast scale of the incursion of the 23rd-century into the 25th :p

But anyway, TOS stuff is popular, Cryptic have adopted a most fun for the most people approach, and those of us who have a problem with the equivalent of fighting in a Napoleonic wooden sailing ship against WW2 battleships will just have to shut up and deal. I just wanted to explain that I don't think that opposition to T5/6 refits for TOS-era ships is malicious or spiteful, simply driven by people who enjoy a game with a more cohesive theme and adherence to lore.