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06-09-2011, 12:26 PM
Originally Posted by G.Cockburn
The Excalibur class is, essentially, the 25th century Constitution-refit.
You would have a point, if the Excalibur were Tier 5, or upgradable to Tier 5. But it's not; it's Tier 2, just like the Constitution class of 150 years ago. Not only can a brand new ship right off the line not beat a brand new Sovereign right off the line, BUT IT CAN'T EVEN RELIABLY BEAT THAT CONSTITUTION OF (supposedly) 150 YEARS AGO.

The whole idea of "I don't want 150 year old technology in STO" goes right out the window when you realize that the T2 Constitution, Vesper, and Excalibur are all brand new ships, as are Sabers, Rapiers, Ushaans, Novas, Auroras and Quasars. Very, very few of those are ships from 150 years ago refitted for current use. They are all, even the Constitution-A and her sister ships, brand new ships built within the last 30 years.

So basically, this argument comes down the Constitution LOOKS like a Constitution, and that's bad because it looks like 150 year old technology, but the same exact ship with a different skin is just fine because it looks like it was built in 2409.