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06-09-2011, 11:26 AM
There is distinction to make in the "150 old ships". And that it's that there is a major breakthrough in technology.

The construction of metal hulls marks one of those breakthroughs. Before that, you could pit a XIX century warship against a XVI century ship of the line, and they would have been evenly matched. Heck, you could fit a Roman trirreme with cannons and it might blow both ships from the previous examples to cinders. Why? Because the fact it doesn't depend on the wind to manoeuver gives the trirreme a significant advantage. So you could have a 2000 year old ship beating a 200 year old ship. That is an even more extreme example.

For all I know there has NOT been this kind of "major breakthrough" in the Star Trek Universe. Hulls and propulsion systems are basically the same. Even the transwarp drive doesn't provide a significant advantage in a fight, just in a retreat. So a Constitution-class and a Sovereign class are BOTH "wooden ships" with the same base technology.

An outreageous, but feasible, comparison would be a "Monitor" class ironclad kicking the behind of an Aegis frigate, and that is possible (but largely unlikely), if the conditions favor the "Monitor". In the base, both ships are metal hulls with internal combustion engines and rotating turrets.