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06-09-2011, 12:26 PM
I can relate with the people wishing to stick with thier favored rides longer, but I don't support all of them going as far as Tier 5.

To me, it sounds like a great idea to go and order a ship refit so that the ship you had in your previous tier may be able to last you through the next one as well. For example, a Shikahr-class light cruiser could be uprated to match the Cruiser configuration a Lieutenant Commander can use. A Vesper-class cruiser could be improved to be near-even to the Tier 3 Excelsior, or a Rapier-class escort could be uprated on par with heavy escorts such as the Akira-class once a captain reaches Commander rank.

The Galaxy, Defiant and Intrepid refits manages the one-step up so I do support that. I do not think the tier 1 and 2 have any business being in the power range of Tier 5 ships (I'd have agreed to turning a Tier 3 to 4, but Cryptic already bulldozed over that with the Tier 5 Excelsior and Nebula - so if anyone wanted a Tier 5 Akira, there's precedent), but I think it'd be nice to allow people to fly their old favorites for awhile longer.

I don't think the Tier 5 B'Rel counts as a precedent. The KDF's ships have been treated very differently from how the Federation vessels have been (if the Klingons would've classified thier ships following the escort format, we'd likely have seen the B'Rel as tier 1, the Raptor as tier 2, the K'vort as tier 3, and so forth - apples and oranges).