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06-09-2011, 11:26 AM
In this respect, I disagree. Crytic "has put a lot of work" in ruining the current endgame tier, basically mortgaging any future improvements and cap raises.

As for the people with lots of T5 ships, well, no sympathy from my part. WHEN a new tier of ships appears, all their T5 ships will be just "the previous step" and be left behind by cooler, better ships.

As I said in other threads, I view my ship as my "space persona" and I should expect not to change my ship, unless I do so choose. When your character ranks up the game doesn't force you to change from Tallarite to Vulcan, right? Then, why in the nine hells I am forced to change my "space aspect"?

A "real" SF officer career usually develops in 4-5 ships (including the periods when he/she is NOT commanding the ship), and Captains are usually assigned to the same ship for decades. Ship changes are very rare occasions, yet here, a captain is forced to change a minimum of FIVE times like it or not.

I suggested a set of optional missions to upgrade the ship IF you so choose. For every tier, not just one or two. This opens the door to having Mirandas, Constitutions or NX in the top tier, to the dismay of a few purists, but to the rejoicing of a lot of people that love ONE Star Trek ship, regardless of the tier it's been placed, for the opportunity of using it in STO forever.

I'm repeating my idea here:

If a player doesn't like the ships in the new tier more than the one he/she currently has, he is entitled to go to Memory alpha (Or Utopia Planitia when/if Mars is added) to start the "questline" for upgrading his/her current ship:

First stage is obvious: bring the hull and shield points to the new tier level. I had even envisioned a way to allow this mission to be profession specific:

Tac Officers do an "extensive" (obviously just mentioned in text, not forcing the player to view a movie) review of their ship in combat in search of ways to improve the hull and shields to withstand more rigorous combat conditions. After the reviewing, the player is assigned to go to some system to collect additional data from combats which will allow the ship to be improved.

Sci Officers start a research in Metalurgy and Special Materials to find a better alloy for outfitting the ship and some Emitter improvements. When the research is completed, they have to go to two or three systems to collect the materials needed for the new alloy.

Eng Officers go to the Factories to look for ways of improving the industrial process, reduce impurities, and obtain better ship armor. In this case, may be instead of sending the player to space to collect materials, may be he/she should move around Mars to different factories to analyze and improve different key processes.

The end result is the same: an item, or token, called something like "breakthrough: hull and shield upgrade" that when applied to the ship, brings the ship to new tier stats.

But that is just the first step.

Next stage is more complicated, and different for each ship class. It consists of individual missions to add fore and aft weapons slots, console slots (sci, eng, tac) to bring the ship to new tier, and if needed, additional device slots. Obviously, one mission means one slot, if a certain ship needs to go from one to three sci console slots for example, you will need to do twice the sci mission slot.

And now for the final stage. At this point we have a ship with stats and equipment slots of the new tier, BUT the ship is still of the current tier. Final mission: "Starfleet modification approval". Yes, no matter the modifications, Starfleet needs to evaluate the ship for certificating it as "new tier". Once more, the ship is sent into a set of sub-missions, to test combat readiness, and general ship behavior in different conditions.

Once this set of missions is complete, the reward is another item, or token, called "Starfleet new tier certification", and when applied to the ship, brings it finally to the new tier, so next tier skills apply to it.

Obviously, this "questline" has to be repeated for every tier you want to advance, so it's also a test of endurance and affection ( love? ) for your current ship.

Also, this applies to ANY individual ship, including individual c-store ships. So if you upgrade a NX class to tier 5, it will have T5 stats, BUT if you delete the ship, and reclaim a new NX from the C-store, you will have to re-upgrade it through all tiers again. Like the Delta crafting, it doesn't upgrade ALL ships of the class in the account, but only the ship which the individual character has done the missions.

If you really love your ship, you will never delete it.