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06-09-2011, 12:28 PM
Originally Posted by Raso
With the rapid fire transphasic torpedo, the breen set isn't an entirely bad deal. It could be good for an escort that specializes in transphasic torps because you get the boost to energy transfer and a free energy siphon (which can help out more than you think). .
no no no no no no no. and no. The faster shot is BAD. its a horrible joke. AND the torps are not part of the set. as it almost sounds like you think it is, im not sure if you do, but it kinda sounds that way.

here is why.

Originally Posted by Axterix
Your numbers for the rapid fire seem off.

The rapid fire has a base value of about 80% (most likely 80.9% or 8.5/10.5) of a normal transphasic. For me, with Mk Xs (what I happened to check with), for example, a Transphasic shows 1956, while the rapid fire shows 1580. Both have a DPS rating of 186.

In essence, the rapid fire Transphasic is a white common item, that trades off some burst potential for greater smoothness due to firing more frequently.

Given the nature of torpedoes, with a player wanting to time them when shields are down, potentially not being able to utilize their max rate of fire due to limited firing arc, and the use HY torp BOff powers, this makes the rapid fire inferior to the regular version.

It is, sadly, a bad joke played on us by the devs.

To be a proper purple item, it needs to:
1. Do higher dps than a normal transphasic, as compensation for losing burst damage.
2. Get 3 bonus worth of things (2% crit, an extra 0.5 tier of damage, etc) to actually make it purple.
set is mediocre, even the devs said that. Its not as good as aegis, and aegis is not as good as borg set. However the set is designed to be "useful" when doing the breen missions...does it have some cool things about it, I want to try it out, yes...but the torps are a horible joke. get the crafted high end if you want transphasics.