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06-09-2011, 11:28 AM
Originally Posted by kokikami View Post
i have to disagree the aegis set is far better than the borg set for a variety of reasons mainly the shield and engines are better.
I have to disagree. I use the full Borg set on my science officer's science vessel. I feel that the shield and hull regen is superior for that type of ship due the the science ships' innate higher shields. Cov. shields are nice, don't get me wrong, but with the regen of the Borg set, and cap/regen consoles, my shields hardly ever go down. The higher capacity is moot if you can't regen shields fast enough. The Aegis engines are better than the Borg at a higher eng power setting, but I generally run with low engines on my sci to add more to aux, with a balance to weapons and shields.

The Breen set isn't too terrible. Definitely worth it against the Breen, because it seems to completely negate their attacks. But to be used at end-game regularly? Probably not. I do like the engines for my escort because it bumps my defense bonus a bit, but I have no use really for the rest of the set when I'm not fighting Breen, so I pretty much stick with my Aegis on my escort. I need the shield cap for my tactical officers space play style.