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06-09-2011, 12:28 PM
It's nice...the so called "VA" ships really have no edge on it (except, perhaps, the Nebula's hull boost - but it comes with a loss in maneuverability ).

If you outfit it with 3x consoles boosting your energy weapons, it can almost overcome the science vessel's lack of damage; If you use 3x torpedo consoles, you get a nice bomber...getting through shields might get tricky, but is feasible with the right powers

This said, the poor Luna class suffers from the current skills tree setup: if you spec'd / respec'd to try out the Intrepid/Nebula, you won't be very effective with it. My trusty Luna sits in the shipyard, covered in space dust.

The sooner they narrow the T5 skills to just "escort, cruiser, science", the better