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06-09-2011, 12:28 PM
Originally Posted by BalanceOfTerror
Also I find that the pure science build of the Intrepid refit un-matched, the sci ensign is the best. The added Tac ensign isn't that great and virtually useless. That being said I run a torp boat and don't run a high weapons power as you'll never compete with an escort or cruiser with beam DPS.
I disagree on both the Ensign and Tac console.

The Ensign allows you to easily throw on a TacTeam, which is a mega lifesaver. For example, my RSV runs with 17k shields. With TacTeam up, an Escort Alpha has to chew through all 68000 of my shield HP before he starts tearing through my hull. More valuable than the Ablative, imo.

And you can compete fairly decently with a Cruiser for beam DPS; 5 Beams at 114 weapon power and 3 Tac consoles boosting them are fairly powerful. Using the Starship DPS Calculator, a 5 beam broadside on an RSV will give you 345 broadside DPS and an Assault Cruiser's 6 beam will give you 363*. (These are rough numbers, of course, since the damage was calculated using only 100 power [there's no option for custom settings, it's either 100 or 125 power], and no skills). Not counting any Captain buffs or Tac debuffs, since the RSV can field the exact same Tac buffs as the AssCru, the RSV can overtake the AssCru in DPS thanks to the mega-useful Sensor Analysis. In addition, you have all of your fun Sci abilities to strip shields and what not to further augment your damage output.