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06-09-2011, 11:33 AM
I fly the D'Kyr with a Sci Officer. I usually come in the top 3 for damage in any PvP match. That may not say much to some, but when you are a Sci Officer in a Sci Ship like the D'Kyr, anyone with experience in PvP can say it's unusal and impressive.

Most players ignore me, they just let me do my thing. Then as they realize I am a threat, they gang up on me. Keep in mind, you won't be able to be a well built Tac Officer in an Escort. They are designed for damage, as you know. But you can contribute nicely and put up some impressive numbers of your own.

I have been playing my Tac lately, so my poor Sci has been on vacation, but I will post my build here for you in case you are interested.

Very few matches do I not get into the top three damage, depending on the number of escorts out there and how well they are doing. I ran two cap and hold matches over the weekend, in both I pulled over 700k damage and still had over a million healing. They weren't long matches, maybe 15 minutes or so.

Power Levels:

Front Weapons:
1Quantum Torp
Rear Weapons:
1Quantum Torp

Borg Set

ENG Consoles:
1xField Generator (+35% shields)
1xBooster Modulator (+6 Auxillary power)
SCI Consoles:
1xCollimator (+15 Deflector Dish)
1xAstrometric Imaging Scanner (+16 Astrometrics)
1xTomographic Imager (+Spatial Anomoly)
TAC Consoles:
2xPhaser damage

Rechargeable Shield Battery
Auxillary Battery
Weapon Battery

I try to keep the shuttle out all the time. His little heals help more than most people realize.

Typically I TB first, load Target Shields and start firing beams. I have my torps set to auto fire. If they start buffing up, SNB to clear them off. Sensor scan next to help get more damage through. When shields get close to gone, Beam Overload, Aux Battery and Gravity Well.

I like to fire SS in there if the are a cruiser, because many people don't pay attention and they spend those heals on me instead. I try to keep the nose pointed on them, the DBB and Tac Beam can get lots of damage to a hull and the torp helps too.

If I get surrounded, I usually switch full power to shields, and use EPtS until I can get seperation or get to some support. I try not to use Photonic Fleet until I get surrounded, they make great distractions when you fire off SS.

Basically with Tac Beam and the DBB in front you can hurt one side of any ship rather well. Gravity well helps take care of spam if needed, but it deals decent damage at this rank too. And, more often than not, you can force a player to use Evasive to try and get away from it (which means they can't run away for a while).

8 out of 10 matches I will kill much more than I die, but you have to pick your targets. Escorts can make you spend so much time trying to line them up that you lose that fight. If I can catch one in a Gravity Well, I will usually stand in there and work on him. Carriers, for some reason, I can eat up pretty well in most cases. There are a few pilots who are tough as nails, but most I can eat up their shields faster than they can regen.

Crusiers are a mixed bag. Sometimes I have little trouble with them, if they are offensive, but the defensive ones are just going to keep you busy forever.

Takes some practice to learn to fly a D'Kyr offensively. I rarely ever play healer, not really built for it. I will pass an HE or TSS to a teammate if I can on occasion, but I generally do a better job working down shields and GW + BO to the hull.

I try not to broadside too much, the energy drain isn't worth it. One change I have been debating on making to this build is dropping Shield Performance to zero and putting those points in Weapon Performance instead. With my already large shield cap, I can deal with a little less regen. Plus, the borg set procs often enough that it makes up the difference, I think. That would, of course, only increase my dmg output.

This build isn't about burst DPS. It's about steady damage that wears them down overtime. Timing is important. Use TB everytime you can, and try to keep your nose on the target so your DBB can hit them. FAW has been there since I go this ship, back before it was useful. I rarely use it unless I need help dealing with spam. The energy drain, IMO, drops your damage more than FAW boosts it. The D'Kry isn't an agile ship, really, so remember to use reverse and lower your speed so you can keep targets in the front. This is why escorts are tough.

If you can keep them lined up, you can hurt them pretty well. Also remember that skills like Science Fleet will boost your TB and GW.

Oh, and one last piece of advice. Use tribble to test out new builds. You can get in the ships and spec for it, then go to the Btran Cluster and find some combat. It is different from PvP, yes, but it gives you a sense of the ships capabilities. You can always invite a friend over to Tribble to help you PvP test. That is what I do. This saves you from having to waste precious respecs only to decide you don't like the ship.