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06-09-2011, 12:33 PM
Ive done a lot of playtesting on this very issue, and heres what I settled on

Recon Science Vessel
Fore-2X DBB, 1 Quantum
Aft-2X Beams, 1 whatever the heck I feel like at the time. Sometimes trico, sometimes a 3rd beam, etc
Lt Tac-Tac Team Attack Pattern Beta/BO2/BfaW2 (depends on mood/objective)
Ens Tac-HYT
Lt. Engineering-Emergency to shields 1, Emergency to Aux 2
LtC Science-Science team 1, TSS 2, 2, TBR II
Com Science- HE1, Energy siphon 1, CPB, and TBR III

The Recon is fast enough and turns well enough that you can always face an enemy. get close, activate TBRIII, bulldoze them as youre hitting them with all your tac skills and your DBB and theyll be dead. TBR also has a short global cooldown and it is the cheapest of the Science offensive skills to spec in to at 300 per point. And it makes a good spam cleaner.

Your power settings and skill choices will largely influence the success or failure of this build, but I've yet to find a higher DPS science build. That doesnt mean there isnt one, I just havent found it. And I seem to have enough heals that I dont worry about staying alive.

I run BTran on elite with this for what its worth.