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06-09-2011, 11:33 AM
Originally Posted by CNova View Post
I'm currently experimenting with a deflector/anomaly build, using GW3 and tyken's rift 2 as the Commander and LT. Commander science skills.

Ensign Slot: Science Team 1
Lt Commander slot: Polarize Hull, Science Team 2, TSS3
Commander Slot: Jam Target Sensors, Scramble sensors, Tyken's Rift2, Gravity Well 3

Lt. Slot: Emergency Power to Shields, Engineering Team

Lt. Slot: HYT1, HYT2
Thats just offensive! *cough* ok back on track...

I would switch things up a backwards, try out tac team/faw and HYT2 just to see how you like the combo. Eng, well, maybe replace eng team with emergency power to sif...this drains your aux..keep that in mind. Sci...hazard emmiters...its your friend. it can be daisy chained if you have a long duration...