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Hi all

First off, let me preface this with some info. I played at launch for 70 days and while I loved the game, I never took the time to learn it (a source of much regret on my part) having come back two days ago, this game has shown me I shouldn't have run back to WoW when things got tough.

So, I'm in the process of getting a skills reset so I can properly sort myself out. But my question here is about ships.

I play an engineer, but am currently using the Tier 2 Science ship. I picked it because I liked the look, but now I have learnt to love the ability to target sub systems.

Does my class make an impact on my ship? Should I leave these awesome ships to the science officers and get myself an engineer ship? Am I ok to be using this ship type while not being a science officer?

Any comments are appretiated.
First of: There is no such thing as a stupid question until you ask it (copyright by you know who^^)

Second; honestly: until you are VA and as long as you are playing at "normal" dificulty, you dont really need to care about class/ship combinations. Take what ever ship you like the most and enjoy it.

You get a free respec with every rank, so level up at will and start caring about those things as soon as you are Vice Admiral. Then, especially in PVP, that combinations become important, but you'l have enogh respecs and tokens... and the option to try those combination on the trible-testserver, and for sure, enough people who give you advice. But before that dont worry.