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06-09-2011, 12:33 PM
My shield stripper runs CPB3 and TB3. I can get about 9032 shields stripped from those 2 at max aux without any extra buffs running. Can usually strip all shields off an escort, half off a cruiser and a somewhat less off a sci.

He also runs HY1 and HYT2 with quantums, as well as TBR2 which I've hit for a max of around 15k kinetic straight to hull. I could put on PSW but I chose some heals instead.

I never expect to kill someone on my own though, it is hard in sci, but it is possible. As long as my target is also the target of others, when I sub-nuc and then smash their shields down, it doesn't matter if I crush their hull or not, someone in a friendly escort probably will. Always consider that you operate in a team in PvP.