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06-09-2011, 11:38 AM
Originally Posted by RCO
well if you add one more weapon slot then it got all the buff of science ship with the same number of weapon as escort. So what are you going to give escorts since they die quickly.

If you give it two more slot then you have the same as cruiser. Now you have a cruiser with all those buffs.
What did escorts get when they gave Engineers 8 weapon slots. But once again like I said A REAR weapon slot isnt anywhere close to OP, and really adds more balance. How much more damage are you doing with a rear slot. Its not a significant ammount, but it at least helps perception, and like I said healing as well as any type of damage requires a lot of skill. If you are support damage powers only then maybe its not as hard.

Yeah I never said anything about the same as cruiser weapon slots or the same slots as an escort really.

So Unless you know someone skilled enough to shot dual beam banks or dual heavy cannons out their but is isnt worth it. The most someone will use is turrets, beam arrays, mines, or torps.

So I fail to see the argument against a REAR slot. But I guess everyone who doesnt comment about Increasing Firing Arcs for beam array is for them?