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06-09-2011, 12:38 PM
Good points alastor, i didnt even think of that.

But yeah I spec with all system abilities, and use a few different attack types. My thing is everything on weapons a sci can do and engi can do better and regardless a tac can do best better than everyone.

It doesnt hurt anyone to add a weapon slot especially if its rear. Okay most sci ships are faster. That helps for sure, but faster turn rates and speed doesnt save you against a full tac assault. Really damage res, outweighs having a good defense anyway. In terms of using it for attack, ok thats fine but its not a big deal if you dont have weap slots. Not to mention with soo many abilities tied to aux unless you play with subsytems perfectly you just can max damage with all abilities and power lvls.

Lastly though look at the Nebula it has horrible speed and the same ammount of slots, oh but you get a universal boff! Wooptydoo!