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06-09-2011, 11:38 AM
Originally Posted by RCO
defiant T4 Escort which has 4 and 2 weapons slots
Defiant R T5 escort which all have 4 fore and 3 aft weapons. ie just like the another none refit ships of this tier.

Galaxy T4 for and 3 aft
Galaxy R T5 has 4 fore and 4 after just like every T5 curiser those.

Interpid T4 3 and 3
Interpid T5 3 and 3 just like EVERY t5 science vessel has. Nebula, Vuclan, deep space and recon. All have 3 and 3.

So you right there no change from other t5 science vessel but then the Defiant R, MVA and Galaxy R and X all have the same weapons as there other T5 class types.

If the science vessel got another weapon slot it would have the same as Escort, which is suppose to be DPS class. Then they have to give the Escort another weapon slot ass well.
The flaw in your argument is this. the /other/ Retrofit is not a retrofit but a the same Tier 5 ship you get at RA if you buy the Advanced escort, it just has an overpriced console and an unbalanced BOFF set up (which honestly makes it the best offensive Science vessel in the game).

Another flaw with pointing this out is that the Intrepid is a Tier 4, that is upgraded to Tier 5. Every tier 4 retro gains a weapons plot (not counting the Promie because its not a T4 retro its a T5 into a T5) however the Intrepid does not.

The other flaw is that giving the Intrepid a fourth fore slot does not make it the same as an Escort. It'll never out DPS an escort. It will never mount the dual cannons, or dual heavies, never have the turn rate, never have the weapon power bonus. It'll never, ever, exceed an Escort in doing what an Escort does best because it simply can't. If I fit an Intrepid R with four fore slots with all regular cannons and turrets, an RCS and Plasma Manafold plus tactical consoles to buff the weapons equipped it'll never do the same DPS as a Defiant simply because it can't mount weapons with a high enough DPS to do so.