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Originally Posted by Alastor_Forthright View Post
The flaw in your argument is this. the /other/ Retrofit is not a retrofit but a the same Tier 5 ship you get at RA if you buy the Advanced escort, it just has an overpriced console and an unbalanced BOFF set up (which honestly makes it the best offensive Science vessel in the game).
It still a refit vessel. It did not get any additional weapons.

Originally Posted by Alastor_Forthright View Post
Another flaw with pointing this out is that the Intrepid is a Tier 4, that is upgraded to Tier 5. Every tier 4 retro gains a weapons plot (not counting the Promie because its not a T4 retro its a T5 into a T5) however the Intrepid does not.
Guess I had issue with present my argument. The other t4 to t5 refit all gain a weapon because there T5 count parts gain a weapon. Ie a T4 escort has one less weapon then a t5 escort.

Science t4 ships have the same numbers as Science T5 vessels. So by giving a t5 refit an extra weapon you are making one refit more power then any other refit.

Originally Posted by Alastor_Forthright View Post
The other flaw is that giving the Intrepid a fourth fore slot does not make it the same as an Escort. It'll never out DPS an escort. It will never mount the dual cannons, or dual heavies, never have the turn rate, never have the weapon power bonus. It'll never, ever, exceed an Escort in doing what an Escort does best because it simply can't. If I fit an Intrepid R with four fore slots with all regular cannons and turrets, an RCS and Plasma Manafold plus tactical consoles to buff the weapons equipped it'll never do the same DPS as a Defiant simply because it can't mount weapons with a high enough DPS to do so.
If I chose to fly a Escort with beams. Which by the way I have one. That escort would do about the same damage as science vessel if you gave the science vessel an extra weapon slot. In fact the science vessel because of the 33% damage buff would most likely do More damage if the two are equip with the same weapons. Perhaps a cannon escort would dps a cruiser but not by much. As for turn rate. The Refit escort have turn rate of 17 for the defiant and 15 for MVA. The intrepid refit has a turn rate of 12. that only a 5 turn rate difference.

Also with four cannon up front and four turret in rear you Lose way to much weapons power to do max dps.