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06-09-2011, 11:38 AM
To me sensor analysis is the devs way of saying science ships should have been able to do more damage a long time ago!

But lets not get it twisted. Sensor Analysis is a damage over time, that ruins abilities like BFW which will automatically target other enemies. So right of the bat you cannot do the damage of an escort because you cant use cannons, and you likely cant keep a target with dual beams.

2nd Sensor Analysis is basically increased chanelled damage over time. So saying 33% more damage is not really accurate since its very situational. Things like jamming sensors on the tac that is now your 2nd attacker is impossible. Escorts however are built to hit hard and run, major initial damage with stacking buffs and the most tac boffs. Which is great and cant take away from an escorts huge ability to damage fast!

3rd even if you have every sci damage attack ability equiped you still cant have attack and aux power levels both at max so one is ineffective.

But I say just a rear slot woulf be nice.