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Originally Posted by Alastor_Forthright View Post
It's a refit in name only, as a marketing ploy and an excuse for its price. It's Console set up is the same, its crew is the same, its hull is the same, its impulse turn rate, and inertia ratings are the same, its weapon set up is the same. It's not a refit. All that is different is the BOFF set up and an overpriced console. Outside that BOFF set up and Console, it remains identical to the other Advanced escort, that means it lacks what makes a Refit a Refit.

Ok, that does make your point more clear. However you're wording here 'you are not making one refit more powerful than any other refit' is confusing. Are you agreeing that giving it an extra slot is not making it more powerful, did you do a common typo and meant now and typed not? I'm confused.

And lets go back a bit. You pointed out that the T5 retro has the same weapons as the T5 norms. Well the T5 norms has the same weapons as a T4. See that flaw? Cruisers and Escorts all gain an extra weapon slot at the transition of T4 to T5, Science does not. The standard power and maneuverability and other buffs that happen from T4 to T5 happen with it as they do all the other classes of ship, but unlike the others, T5 Science ships gain no extra offensive capabilities to deal with endgame level enemies where as Escorts and Cruisers do.

The choice to fly an escort with beams is not part of the equation. Yes if you take an Escort and an Intrepid with a forth fore slot and equipped them with the same weapons they would produce similar DPS. However running an Escort with beams is not going with its maximum DPS potential, so it doesn't invalidate the argument. If a Science could run dual and dual heavies then yes it could match an Escort in DPS potential but since it can't it never will. An escort will always be able to be fitted to do more DPS.

Should read

Science t4 ships have the same numbers as Science T5 vessels. So by giving a t5 refit an extra weapon you are making one refit more power then any other refit.

As for escort with out cannon. Well in that case if you put dual beam on your front slots on science ship you do more damage as well.