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06-09-2011, 11:38 AM
Originally Posted by RCO
accutly it those work with dual beams and beam overload. It those not work with BFW because your CHANGING targets. Every time you change target you drop the buff and have to rebuild it.

That right you CAN not do the damage of escort. BECAUSE escort are glass cannon. They do lots of damage in short period of time, because once under attack they easy to destroy. They not have the shields of science vessel or the hull of cruiser.

Accutly you can get darn close on my one toon in science I have about 100 weapons and 80 aux.
You are restating everything I said as if it is new to me! Your just making my points, the arguments are science would have the attack of escorts, which I stated and know is not true.

Saying a tac is a glass cannon is close but not totally accurate because of mobility bonuses of defense and escaping almost all situations.

Lastly that seemingly small difference in aux power. Actually really hurts any damage output and other abilities.

I would trade off for all sci ships to have another weapon slot even if it meant an ensign tac ability only!