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Originally Posted by Sivar View Post
Notice before starting: This guide is being created for the purposes of showing people that there are working builds for science ships. The guide is designed around Sci-players in science ships, so if you're an Engineer or Tactical this won't be perfect for you, but it can serve as a building block.
Basically sound builds, though of course I'd tweak them here and there to fit my own playstyle. I've tried them all in one variation or another, because I like science abilities for the "fun" and "thinking" factor. Your power scheme is sound. All or nothing is not the only way to go, especially with science powers. I'd suggest a sticky on the thread for new players, but some of this is going to change with the tribble update as it is.

I would never say that science can't be fun, or even effective (in the current incarnation of the game), but even good builds don't mitigate a slightly inferior ship. Very few of your builds can make use of the innate target subsystem power, so they carry that as baggage. The decrease in weapons is also a problem. The dual beams up front and regular beams in back approach is one of my favourites, but the extra effect on DPS of the extra fully powered weapons on other ships is greater than the science skills can produce even in a round about way.

A good player can kill with science ships, because they aren't totally awful ships and the science powers are sound as they are (please cryptic... never touch the science powers again... you got it right). But my own experience is that I can do better competitively in other ships, even though my preference leans to science. The people I play with share that opinion. Personally, I think all these ships need is a few points of accuracy to boost the critical damage and make up for the lost weapon hardpoints (well, and better turn rate for the dssv). But that was a topic for other threads, and I digress.

The telling point may be in your own comment about officers. Other ships do very well with captains that don't match. Science ships seem to need their science captains. Engineer captains are pretty much stuck with healer builds, and tac captains don't belong. A science ship is a poor weapon for receiving force multipliers like APA or Nadion Inversion.

New players should be aware of that, and be ready to do somewhat less well in PVP, even if they are useful to a team and can have a lot of fun doing it.