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06-09-2011, 11:39 AM
Nebula pve shield, hull and ground healer.

Bridge officer setup.

Tactical Lt: beam fire at will, Attack pattern Delta.

Engineering LtC: Emergency power to Aux, Engineering team II or Extend Shields (I haven't tested which I find more useful yet), Structural integrity Field II

Science Commander: Science team I, Transfer Shield Strength II, Science team III, Tyken's rift.

Universal Lt: Transfer shield strength I, Hazard emitters II.

Ensign Science: hazard emitters I.

I'll likely have to make some adjustments to allow for a rotation of commander abilities between Tyken's rift, Gravity Well and Charged Particle burst.

Power settings (Taken from human science captain on tribble)


Weapon system setup

Fore: 2 x beam weapons, 1 x Quantum Torpedo Launcher
Aft: 2 x beam weapons, 1 x Tricobalt Torpedo Launcher


Your main focus should always be on the shield levels of your allies. Depending on the situation it may be worth burning a hazards 1 to remove debuffs which may drain shields or prevent the draining of shields. Try using your lower rank abilities earlier in the fight and your higher rank later. This can lead to a full shield restoration in a pinch.

Remember to use the nebula's special ability and have all the power in Aux you can get before you use your sensor scan.

If you really want to deal some damage, Emg power to Aux, Tyken's rift, come about and count to 7 once you've used your tyken's rift. At 7 fire the tricobalt torpedo and hope no one shoots it down. It you're lucky the target's shields should drop just before the torpedo hits.

The efficient impulse engines provide an additional 5 power to Weapons, Shields and Aux at a cost of speed and turn rate.