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06-09-2011, 11:39 AM
Power diver is sort of efficient, fun, but eventually not that powerful. I used it months ago when i experimented with tractor repulsors (was fun moving the transwarp gate in infected). It has 2 counters, polarize hull and aux to dampeners, which will eventually be more prominent skill after RSP nerf. And I'm sure cruiser healer will accommodate one in their builds. So this build will be thing of the past soon.

Syphon stomp is easily counter-able by single science team. Scramble sensors doesn't matter. There is a little known secret, that if you are under scramble sensor effect and rotate camera so there is no other object on your screen, you will ALWAYS use the ability, or any other ability for that matter, on yourself. It may gimp nubs, but it wont affect player keeping cool head and with ensign science team on himself or team.

Just a note, it seems all those build sort of neglect weapon power. I'm the only one, who has (successfully I think) managed to use recon with high weapon power and to more on conventional weapons + goodies?