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Originally Posted by MustrumRidcully View Post
A question is - and that is hard to answer - is can a Science Vessel fulfill a role as valuable as that of an Escort or a Cruiser?
The answer is not one that most science captain's want to hear really. While the Science Ship is fully capable of killing on it's own, it's damage is supplementary to the Escort (as it should be, there isn't a point to the escort if another class can out dps it, and yes I know that some cruiser pilots can but that's another issue); and the heals of the Science ship take a different approach than the heals of the cruiser, though they are no less powerful or important.

You're right in that the escort and cruisers have very easy and straight forward roles (kill, kill, or heal respectively, lol); but a science ship is more methodical. Escorts buff up and go straight in, cruisers buff up and try to keep them in a broadside or exercise a heal cycle; but science requires much more thought to be successful; and because you can't mindlessly hit multiple abilities and see the numbers climb people think that they are not nearly as effective.

What the Science ship brings to the table though is entirely up to the captain behind it. The ship can fill multiple roles and end up being the most critical ship on the field because they wrecked the plan of the other team. A science ship can make it drastically easier for an escort to kill a target and easier for a cruiser to keep the team alive (assuming they aren't the Science ship isn't the healer of course). What you bring is what you decide; do you bring anti-shield measures or stuns? Heals or disable measures? Disruption or drains? It is entirely up to you!

When it is just Escorts and Cruisers on the field it can be incredibly difficult for anybody to die, but Science Ships can bring an X factor to alter the balance in their teams favor. They won't get the huge damage numbers, but their presence can be invaluable...