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06-09-2011, 11:39 AM
Well said.

Usually, when I have Kim in USS Stellar Drift, I am alternating as an energy syphon and a healer. Though, the way the ship is configured currently it is more an offensive machine than a healer. When teamed up with the right sort of players, fights last much shorter than if I had shown up in my cruiser.

Before I got the Nova class, I had been playing cruisers, and it is really different than playing a science ship. I can't just charge into the fray guns ablazin' like I can in the cruiser. The science ship forces me to think out a strategy, and that strategy can change with the field. It's kind of fun.

Like yesterday, I got into a PvE match with some folks in Romulan space. There was a moment, when another escort commander went charging off at a trio of D'deridexes. I went after them to give them a hand and found the escort had been ensnared in a tractor beam and was getting pummeled.

So, I decided to give the D'deridexes a taste of their own medicine and opened up a Tyken's Rift, trapping 2 of them. Then, I hit the one that had my teammate in a tractor beam with TSSA, and it quickly let go of them. Then, I healed the Escort, turned to the D'deridex that was firing at me, and started draining it systems and shooting at it to keep it away from my teammate. The Escort took care of the D'deridex they had easily and then helped me out with the other two--pretty much me draining shields and subsystems and the escort killing them.

Later, I switched sci officers in the Lt. slot and me, two escorts and a cruiser would find a clump of warbirds or something, and I'd grab one in a tractor beam, drop its shields and drain aux. The cruisers and escorts would come in and start shooting at it and it would be dead in minutes.

My favorite one, though, was when Stellar Drift and a random D'deridex locked each other in a tractor beam: I had one on it, it had one on me. Except, my weapons arrays were still operational. So, I kept hitting it tetryon beams, TSSA, TSSS, and launching torpedoes. I was actually able to bleed it down badly enough that a nearby escort captain was able to kill it for me with just one shower of cannon fire.

It is possible to rack up kills and deal a lot of damage in a science ship, too. I've been consistently taking 1st and 2nd place in SB24 since I changed up some weapons arrays, started being selective of targets and being patient at the helm.