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06-09-2011, 11:39 AM
Originally Posted by PatricianVetinari
Awww... Geee, thanks Siv ol'Buddy.

I actually have questions about the Carrier, that's indirect of power, but apropo nonetheless... Everyone talks about running their Carrier with high Aux (to take advantage of all it's Sci Powers and help w/Pet Launching) and high Shields (to keep resistances up, since you can't turn well), but it doesn't need Weapon Power.

I guess what I'm wondering is do the pets really make up for running with a, 25 Weapons Power, even one boosted to 50ish w/Efficiency and Performace traits/skills? Does the mothership's power levels affect the pet dmg? What about the Captain's skills? Will the pets do more dmg if the Captain is invested in disruptors and photon torpedos? Should he go disruptor beams, cannon, or both?

And running with so little power, and poor turn rate, is a carrier best as an all beam boat, or go with, for example turrets? Do you bother to put torps on a carrier?
I'm still learning myself, only been running the carrier at LG for about 2 weeks. Heres what I do know.
The pets DPS IS affected by being Spec'd into Disruptors and photon torpedoes. I've spec'd fully into cannons (+DiS), torpedoes (+photon)
They're not Dependant on my wep power.
I've always thought that they're affected by capt abilities like APA and also APO, but I could be wrong there.
I only run one beam upfront and aft so I can use my inherent target Subsystem abilities. Then two turrets (phaser turrets actually for the proc) then I use two chroniton Mine launchers aft to help slow the enemy down while my team and bops tear up.

So far what I've seen running like this is that if I can keep my bops out ( up to six), I'm frequently in the top 5 in dps and heals in a cap n hold for example. In arenas my heals are what matters, but as the fight progresses My dps gets better and better as long as I have a target for my bops ( so they don't -redock).
I've been really surprised the DPS Potential my bops have as long as I can keep them out/alive. remember each one gets RF1 and HY1, so 6 bops doing that is huge. Its just keeping them out once they're there, I try and stay ahead of them or evasive toward more targets in a C&H for example, if they can't catch up to me to dock, they'll go after my next target I select if that makes any sense.