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06-09-2011, 12:01 PM
,, ok there can't be an absolute to this.
I am an engineer flying yes .. a crusier I am NEW and only LtC8 so only at tier 2 ships ( SOON T3!!!)

i only have 2 forward and 2 aft weapon slots.

I am using TP HY1 and getting around 1500 dps out of that volly with target no shields I use one Quantum aft and one for with science tactical module adding 9.4 to quantums, I have found the small ships come into arc angle for me with out me doing to much work, I just have to keep my eye on target to see which way its banking to turn, I found smaller fast ships trying to be cool pilots and doing all kindz of tricks which ultimatly bring them into firing arc.
Utitlizing my shield ups I found to stay in a fight a long time but.. DPS is still a concern.

I do not even think about my slowness anymore.. I think I just accpeted to be heavier and slower and let the fast ships do ther thing which allows me to do mine.