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06-09-2011, 12:01 PM
Originally Posted by 1stOfficer
I don't understand why people must be that absolute.There is no reason to dismiss torpedos so easily.
Maybe torpedos don't fit your playstyle and you decided that APattern Beta is more to your liking.I can respect that.

Both skills deserve merit.When i give an advice or make a suggestion i try to keep an open mind , besides pointing out what i prefer.Give the OP the available options , mention what u prefer , and then suggest to him to test all options ingame to decide what is best for him.

That would be a more apropriate advice than telling him that torpedos dont worth it , which is what i understand when i read your post.

My opinion on the matter is :

A cruiser can't broadside indefinately against smaller and more agile targets , having 1 torpedo launcher in fore and 1 in aft has many advantages , they cover the arcs where u dont broadside.Having 2 more beam arrays (assuming u are refering to an 8-beam boat) does increase your dps but not by much in comparison to 6 beams , and u would have to run a permanent 125-135 weapons power ( easily accomplished ) to say that it is doing some difference.

On the other hand having 6 beams and 2 torp launchers (quantums preferably) , gives u more versatility as the torpedos ( especially the high yield 2 ) gives u the burst damage the beams lack , which is a good thing.

Please don't be alarmed from people saying that cruisers are slow to align the torp launchers , i have heard this justification many times . You only need to turn a few degrees for your torp salvo , it just needs a bit of practise.Realistically if u are against escorts u dont have to do much aligning because the escorts will try to dazzle u with acrobatics around your ship , essentailly making the alignment for you.

Attack pattern beta is very powerfull when u try do more dps than usuall in your cruiser.If u want both in your ship u can have high yield 1 ( which i dont recommend , i suggest high yield to be at least version 2 ) and attack pattern beta 1.
Or u could take the excelsior and have High Yield 3 AND APB1 , or vice versa.

My suggestion is on a final note , if u havent tried a strategy at all , best to try it before u dismiss it because u assume or imagine it won't be good.
Well, i don't see why people need to use cannons in ships that clearly don't look right with them.......only the defiant class ships look right with cannons, like the defiant looks weird all fully loaded with beams, like the Bird of Prey is.