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06-09-2011, 01:01 PM
all well and good, however this mentality of i want to be the dps in a cruiser is common yet flawed for most players, yes some do very well, however what you do not see from them is the support they gain to achieve that, for example a good tac/cruiser might be getting an engineers eps to maintain high wpn power to offset drain so that he has 125 wpn power most of the time, he will get heals and extends to offset his weakness and is treated for all intensive purposes as an escort player.

that said, currently you do not need to give up any engineering skills for additional damage just run nad inv and eps. As mentioned already a couple of FAW 1's while it is in this state is sufficient to see you hit 500-700k in most matches, and still pop out 1 mil in heals.

If you try to run more than this yes you could get a bit more damage, and tbh it is tiny really, but having given up some of the most important engi slots for a smidge of damage you will take almost as much looking after as an escort, you will have no burst damage to speak of and if you have 5 cruisers built the same the damage willl simply be outhealed by a competent team. In the end you will lose a match probably 15-0 unless you get a lucky ramming speed in.

Now if you only ever pve and just want to grind missions faster then fill your boots and stack as much as you want as it will matter not one bit, if you pvp and prefer to win then you would be better servered taking more of the engineering key skills. You might not out dmaage that escort but your damage will be respectable, will most likely be higher than everyone on the opposite team (them all being dead) and tbh winning in pug games is much more fun than getting beat.